Rothbenberg & Gonzales Upgrades Applegate-Issa as Race Tightens

Change Comes as Issa Threatens Embarrassing Legal Action and  Colonel Applegate Refuses to Back Down

Today one of the nation’s most prominent political handicappers upgraded the race between Retired Marine Colonel Doug Applegate and Trump-supporting Congressman Darrell Issa. News also broke today that Issa is threatening legal action – and demanding a ridiculous apology - over an Applegate campaign ad that is accurate and well-sourced. It is clear that Issa is afraid the ad finally exposes his real record of gaming the system.

From the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report:

California’s 49th District….[i]nterest in the race began when the congressman finished narrowly ahead of Democrat Doug Applegate, 51-46 percent, in the June primary…Outside groups are actively assessing the seriousness of the race, and we’ll see if Democrats spend the money necessary to win. As the richest Member of Congress, Issa has the ability to spend Democrats into oblivion, but he better leverage that advantage soon, if he’s going to at all. Move from Safe Republican to Republican Favored.”

From Daily Kos:

“Issa, who represents California’s 49th Congressional District in suburban San Diego, faces his toughest re-election campaign in forever, thanks to Daily Kos-endorsed Democrat Doug Applegate, a retired Marine colonel who, unlike his opponent, isn’t afraid of the rough and tumble. Applegate recently started airing his first TV ad of the race, a hard-hitting spot in which he directly links Issa to Trump.

…So how did Issa react? Like the cowardly whiner that he is, he’s threatening to file a lawsuit alleging that Applegate has defamed him…”

Statement from Retired Marine Colonel Doug Applegate regarding the threat of a lawsuit:

"I’m a Marine Colonel who volunteered to go to Iraq in 2006 and spent a good chunk of my tour in Ramadi. Congressman Issa’s money and lawyers don't scare me one bit. It's incredible that someone whose career consists of conducting costly, partisan investigations is so thin-skinned. Clearly, Congressman Issa doesn’t want to talk about how he made millions as a member of Congress while consistently failing to improve the lives of California families. I'm not going to back down from a politician who puts his party ahead of what's best for our country—not today, not ever."

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