NEW POLL: Applegate and Issa In Statistical Dead Heat in CA-49

Trump Continues to Drag Down Issa

A new poll released today by Strategies 360 shows Colonel Doug Applegate and vulnerable Congressman Darrell Issa remain in a statistical dead heat in the race for California’s 49th Congressional District. Even after Congressman Issa out-spent Applegate 15-to-1 in the primary and has sent at at least three pieces of mail to potential voters in the general election, Applegate trails the incumbent by only three points -- 45-42 percent -- well within the margin of error. Read the detailed polling memo here.

“This poll shows that voters are tired of Congressman Issa continually putting party before country,” said Robert Dempsey, Applegate’s campaign manager, “and that they want an independent leader like Colonel Applegate.”

The poll shows Donald Trump continues to drag down Issa, a vocal supporter of the toxic Republican presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton leads Trump by five points, 46-41 percent, and Trump’s favorability-unfavorability rating among Independents is a striking 21-75 percent. Voters registered No Party Preference (NPP) favor Applegate 51-33 percent.

Despite being outspent 15-to-1, Applegate performed better against Issa in the June primary than any previous challenger in Issa’s 15-year congressional career. A poll released shortly after also showed the two tied.

A recent Wall Street Journal article profiled the competitive race and the New York Times this weekend noted it as a prime pickup opportunity.


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