First Responder: Issa’s Lip Service is Disgraceful

Jaime Hazan, a former emergency medical technician who suffered a permanent disability after voluntarily responding to the 9/11 attacks, today reacted to Congressman Darrell Issa trying to contradict the statements Hazan made in TV ad. This is the second time in a week Issa shamelessly responded to ads exposing his record; last week his lawyers sent a groundless letter to the Applegate campaign to distract from the fact he used the system to line his own pockets.

“It’s disgraceful that Congressman Darrell Issa is attacking the validity of my concerns. Issa voted against our health care benefits and defended his opposition by saying 9/11 was simply a plane crash. Tell that to the people who were at Ground Zero that day.

“Now, he's reinventing his record, and it's up to voters to decide whether that's political or patriotic.”

Just days after 9/11, Congressman Issa refused to vote on a first responder healthcare bill and later lied about it. When it came time to extend their health care benefits, Issa voted no and defended his opposition by saying 9/11 was “simply” a plane crash. Only once an extension of the Zadroga Act was part of a much larger ‘must-pass’ bill did Issa vote for it. 

A new poll released today showed Colonel Doug Applegate taking the lead ahead of Issa for the first time.

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