Issa Meets Applegate for First Time. You Won't Believe What Issa Said!

“I hope you can get the DNC to spend eight million dollars to make this an interesting race.”

Staging area of Rancho Santa Fe CA parade. Issa rode in the convertible with 2 other people.  Applegate and about 30 of us supporters walked. July 4, 2016

That’s what Representative Darrell Issa said to his opponent, Retired Marine Colonel Doug Applegate, at the Rancho Santa Fe, California parade when the two met for the first time yesterday, July 4, 2016.

Sounds like Mr. Issa is worried, doesn’t it?

This was the second parade of the weekend in which I walked with Applegate, who has a real chance to oust Issa in November and take back California’s 49th District seat.

I blogged about the first parade and Doug’s exciting campaign here.

Issa’s initial place in the Rancho Santa Fe parade line-up was immediately in front of our enthusiastic posse.  We were on foot, while Issa was to ride in a convertible sponsored by Republican Women, with ZERO supporters to walk along side him.

When Issa showed up in the staging zone, Oceanside Deputy Mayor Chuck Lowery (Democrat in support of Applegate), walked over with Doug to introduce the candidates.

That turned out to be a challenge. When they first approached, Issa suddenly turned and walked rapidly across the parking lot while holding his phone to his ear.  Apparently an important call had come in.

The second attempt was successful, and I snapped a few photos.

Doug Applegate’s unexpected participation in the Rancho Santa Fe July 4th parade rattled Rep. Darrell Issa

Issa, clearly annoyed, showed his hand by making it clear that he felt threatened by the Colonel’s presence, which he had not expected.  Issa said to Applegate (paraphrasing here):

I thought they didn’t allow campaigning in this parade.


I hope you can get the DNC to spend $8 million to make this an interesting race.

A few minutes later, Issa got into the convertible and drove off.  Apparently he asked parade authorities to change his position in the line up to get away from us!

After meeting Doug Applegate, whose participation in the Rancho Santa Fe parade was clearly a surprise to Darrell Issa, Issa flees the staging area to get away from our happy posse. He was given a new position in the parade. July 4, 2016

Take Note, DCCC: Doug Applegate is an Awesome Candidate!

Retired Marine Colonel Doug Applegate greets spectators along the parade route. Rancho Santa Fe, CA. July 4, 2016

Let’s Help Doug Defeat Darrell

Sorry to inform you, Representative Issa, but this race is already “interesting.”

Eight million dollars in California’s pricey media market would be great, but anynational-level support would help. On a shoestring budget , Doug has already proved to be a formidable opponent. With a campaign chest of less than $100,000, he tied Issa in the primary in San Diego County and came close in conservative Orange County, even as Issa, the richest member of Congress, outspent us 16-to-1.

We truly have a rising star out here, and he has stepped up with a ton of grit and skill to help Democrats take back the Hill.

Just check out how Doug handled this July 4th parade appearance in contrast to Issa. As noted, Issa rode in a car.  Doug walked, shaking hands with spectators the entire way.  After the parade, Issa disappeared while Doug spent another hour walking through the park introducing himself to potential voters.

Applegate slowed down the procession so he could greet as many spectators as possible at the Rancho Santa Fe, CA, Independence Day Parade. July 4, 2016.

Working for every vote! Doug Applegate and supporters walk in the Rancho Santa Fe, CA Parade. July 4, 2016.

The reception Doug received was overwhelmingly positive, including that from many other veterans we came across.

Colonel Doug Applegate chats with a Vietnam War veteran. Rancho Santa Fe, CA. July 4, 2016

Colonel Doug Applegate exchanges cards with a retired Navy Seal. Rancho Santa Fe, CA. July 4, 2016

Here’s an excerpt of Doug’s pep talk to supporters, in which he advises us to remind voters that Darrell Issa has embraced Donald Trump:

In case you missed it, here again is that warm embrace:

Cozy Republicans

Let’s help the fine Colonel take back the Hill!

Issa is worth over $300 million.

Doug is not.  He needs our support to pull this off.