As Trump Doubles Down on Offensive Comments, Issa Remains Silent

Donald J. Trump continues to stir up a maelstrom of controversy in the wake of his statements about Ghazala and Khizr Khan, parents of United States Army Captain Humayun Khan, who sacrificed his life in service to our country. California Congressman Darrell Issa has remained silent and not denounced these declarations, in tacit approval of Trump’s comments. Today, Retired Marine Colonel Doug Applegate, who is challenging Issa to represent the 49th District, issued the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s comments regarding a Gold Star military family have left me outraged. What he said was an insult to US Army Captain Humayun Khan’s service and memory. Trump once again proved his ignorance and why he is unfit to lead.

"By remaining silent on Trump's remarks, Darrell Issa is displaying his willingness to do and say - or not say - whatever it takes to score political favors. After all, he was ousted from his committee chairmanship by party leaders after one too many wild goose chases. This is just another instance of Darrell being tone-deaf. We deserve better.

"Today, my campaign is launching a petition calling on Darrell Issa to publicly denounce the comments made by Donald Trump and demonstrate the leadership we expect of our elected officials.”

Colonel Doug Applegate served in the United States Marine Corps for 32 years both on active and reserve duty. He retired in 2006 after completing a combat tour in Ramadi, Baghdad, and Fallujah. Doug has advised Marine commanders, defended and prosecuted war crimes, and conducted complex civil and criminal trials. Doug has lived and worked in California’s 49th Congressional District since being stationed at Camp Pendleton in 1981.



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