BREAKING: New Poll - Applegate gains on Issa. 2-point race within margin of error. CA-49.

At a local house party Friday night, Issa challenger Ret. Colonel Doug Applegate announced that a brand new DCCC poll shows him inching even closer to victory.

Applegate speaking to voters in Oceanside, California. Sept. 30, 2016 (Photo by WildLilac)

There is no link yet, but in an e-mail the campaign wrote:

We think Issa’s nervous too, because today yet another poll was released. We are just two points behind Issa – within the margin of error.

Meanwhile, Issa has taken a cue from his pal Donald Trump, and threatened to sue Applegate over this devastating TV commercial, which is playing in prime time.  Sure uh huh, good luck Darrell.  The truth sucks, and it also happens to be an absolute defense to defamation. 

Doug Applegate needs an army of foot soldiers to help #dumpdarrell.  Are you in?

Let’s Send in a Marine to Take Back the Hill!

You can follow Colonel Applegate’s campaign on his Facebook page. You can donate, volunteer, and learn more about his platform at