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GOTV Whistle Stop Train Tour - All Aboard the Applegate Express!

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New Schedule! Sorry for any confusion!

Sunday, June 3rd, Doug Applegate will be touring the 49th District by train to connect with voters. Please meet up with the Colonel at one of the following stops to wave a sign, hand out information, speak to voters in the area and show your support! This will be our final big push to the primary!

  • We will have interns and volunteers stationed at each location from 10:30AM to 2:30PM sign waving and greeting Doug Applegate.

You can meet up with one of these interns at any of these stops and show your support for Doug Applegate. Doug will be arriving at each stop at the following times:

Train Stop            Train                 Num.       Arrive        Depart
San Clemente Pier  Metrolink       859         ------         11:13am
Oceanside                                     859         11:50am     --------
Oceanside           Coaster             688          ---------     2:00pm

Carlsbad  Village    Coaster          688          2:05pm     ---------

If you have any questions please direct them to 

Semper Fi!

Team Applegate